It’s all too difficult to stand out these days.

But you have to.

That’s why our graphic design for web, print and social media strives to amplify your unique voice. With over 25 years of experience in the field, our Head of Design, Christopher, offers a remarkable and unparalleled professional approach to building outstanding content.

Our straightforward approach cuts out the layers of pretension all too often associated with graphic design, while offering an unprecedented level of synergy with our film and marketing departments.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, or if you’re looking to completely redefine your corporate identity, we offer a meticulous design service that values attention to detail, expediency and customer experience.

No nonsense.

No stress.


Sometimes it can feel as though everything has already been said and done. There’s no space to be different anymore.
We disagree. We’ll pinpoint your business’ unique angle, and sharpen and hone your message.
And then we’ll show you who needs to hear it.

We make films.

At the core of our filmmaking philosophy is a commitment to quality. No matter the size of your project, or your business, our filmmaking approach remains the same;

Cinematic. Engaging. Contemporary.

We could write endlessly about the dry technical side of things, but in the end content is key. We offer a fresh and originative option to businesses looking to harness the power of film - utilising 4K camera technology, an in-house studio, on-location crew, animation expertise and a vivid imagination.

We’re ahead of the rest. Unlike typical ‘corporate filmmakers’, we create film ‘caches’; instead of just receiving one final film at the end of the process, you’ll also receive a veritable ‘package’ of different cuts, optimized for every social media platform.


Once you’ve decided what it is you want to say, it’s time to decide on how you’re going to say it. People have a sixth sense for quality. With over 25 years of design experience, and a strong filmmaking and animation focus, we’ll craft you a distinct voice that’ll have them listening. Intently.

There’s a whole world of clients and customers out there.

And they’re waiting to hear from you.

Here at HOWL we revel in the challenges and opportunities that come with a fresh marketing campaign. We pinpoint your market, through careful and tireless research, and then we crack it open. From consistent, daily social media management, to viral advertising and traditional print campaigns, we make sure that they’re listening.






Be consistent. Be modern. Speak your customer’s language. Your tone can’t afford to be any less than perfect these days. We specialise in impeccable writing and scripting for all platforms, from social media to hard-copy books.

Message. Voice. Tone. Volume.

Writing professional copy. Talking to potential customers. It’s a dark art. With the omnipresence of social media, it’s never been more important.

Don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered.

Our crack team of professional writers have experience in producing incredible copy for all platforms. From books, to social media platforms, to entire websites, we know how to reel your customers in with engaging written content.

Be heard.


You could shout it. You could whisper it. We get your pitch perfect; whether you want to scream it over social media, or whisper it through highly-targeted multimedia campaigns, we’ll make sure that you’re heard.

Your reputation is everything. How you engage with customers and respond to their online interactions with your business is more important now than it has ever been.

We offer comprehensive social media and consumer interaction management.

Let us be your voice.